With Swinger Website and sex-oriented adult dating sites, and lots and lost of pornography, the internet certainly has no shortage of territory for the naughty net surfer.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is now a wide-range of website that specializes in helping people breaking their marriage vows and cheats on their spouses.
The most common type of new business that is designed to do marriage a disservice is the married-but-looking-for-dating-services.
These are like any normal on-line dating service, as in one can post a profile and photos if they dare, except that they are specific for married people.

US based ashily.com for example, has 1,060,000 registered members.
The company has the slogan: When Monogyny Became Monotony, and uses the laughable phrase tertiary relationship to refer to an extra marital affair.  
“Our service is not meant to glorify or promote infidelity,” the company said in a press release.  We are simply offering a safe and anonymous way for people to communicate with each once they’ve made up their mind to explore options outside their relationships.
Not to condone this philosophy, but the existence and growth of
married-but-looking-online-dating sites could benefit normal single’s dating sites, which get lots of complaints from customers about married people posing as singles on them.
Another new kind of dating service for net wonders, offers how to advice.

A married but long-time adulterous Canadian man, who goes by the pseudo name Dock Mitchell when talking to the priest runs Philanders.com, his website which logged 350,000 hits daily, gives sage advices, like never use your credit card, hotel phones, or allow any one to take photos.
Other words of wisdom reveal that toothpaste removes lipstick stains, and that motor oils along with I slept while pumping gas completely messes perfume.  Also important in avoiding sleep outside at homes is to always call your lovers generic terms like Honey or Dear.  As odd as dating sites and how-to-cheat sites are, the new Liar for Hire company is even weirder.
So, how did these services help paying customers cheat on their spouses—by actually telling lies for them!

A German company called Perfect Alibi for example will call a client’s wife or husband to say that they need to work late; the company also sent bogus invitations to weekend business seminars so their clients can get away for an extended tryst!  It also handles the dirty work of sending bouquets to all of a client’s lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Some will look at the new and growing infidelity industry and see it as a symbol of Weston decadency; however a good capitalist would say that they companies aren’t really to blame, since they wouldn’t have sprung up if there wasn’t the market.  In 2001 in the US, The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago conducted an anonymous polling on marital infidelity; with 22% of married men and 15% of married women admitting to have ever had an affair— that’s a pretty big market!

At any rate, that money making ventures have a reason out the fact that some married people will cheat on their spouses is pretty sad.

Luckily, there is also a weird new way to catch cheating husbands or wives.  The Check Mate 5 min. Infidelity Kit available at DNA Plus.com for 49.95 empowers suspicious spouses with the hi-tech panty rate that will find evident of sexual activities on a cheating husband’s or wife’s underwear.

Words to know

n. marriage to one woman at a time

infidelity n. unfaithfulness, adultery; lack of adherence to one's religion, disbelief, lack of faith

sage adj. wise, learned, judicious
n. wise and learned person, person respected for their good judgment; variety of plant from the mint family (commonly used as a spice); sagebrush, variety of shrub found in the western  

philander v. pursue, woo, court; flirt, coquet, gallivant  

pseudo pref. imitation, simulated; faked, false; fictitious, mock
adj. simulated, pretend, seemingly; false, not genuine, mock

adultery n. infidelity, fornication, sexual relations with someone other than one's spouse

run around with sb.: infidelity

generic adj. general, of or pertaining to a class or kind; of a genus (Biology); of goods or medication sold without a brand name

alibi n. excuse; defense

bogus adj. not genuine, artificial, counterfeit, sham

rendezvous n. agreement to meet at a particular time and place, appointment; meeting, encounter; meeting place

decadence n. deterioration, decay, falling into corruption

tryst n. clandestine appointment made by lover; meeting; meeting place

disservice  n. harmful or injurious act, bad turn


Why people are so busy in screwing up their lives?
Afraid of  lonelyness, we strive all along to find ourselves the so-called soul-mates;
and a happy marriage was hold up as the hectero's holly grail
When stranded on our pilgrimage toward it
some chose to tough it out
while some chose to take another path
usually, that's a parallel way from a happy marriage

If you rinse away the exciting and self-indulgent part of infidelity, you will see what left is the fact you're imposing your pleasure on the torture of your spouse, whom you change vows with.

It's not that monogyny turned into monotony, but that our passion worn off , partly because of time, partly because of the environment; but mostly, because of ourselves!










Crossing Road

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