Many of us have wondered how entrepreneurs turn their bright ideas into financial windfalls.
The usual answers are: hard work and perseverance.
But for Steve Chen and Chad Hurley of YouTube, the correct answer was: create a product people want to use.

Chen, twenty-nine, and Hurley, thirty, met while working at PayPal.
Along with friend Jawed Karim, the young men were annoyed about having no easy way to share their video of a San Francisco dinner party.
At the time, video files were too large for most e-mail applications and finding a place to post videos on the Internet was not a straightforward task.
The trio thought there should be a better way.
With that in mind, they started YouTube in 2005.
Chen, who was born in Taiwan and immigrated to America, did background coding.
Hurley, a university graduate in Fine Arts, developed the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
The idea was to be able to easily post videos to share with people all over the globe, and it worked.
By 2006, YouTube had become a hit with Internet users.
One of their best ideas was to allow users to show videos from YouTube on their own Web sites.
This reinforced YouTube's connection to users and kept people coming back for more.
Then, in November 2006, Google Inc. made a shocking announcement.
They were buying YouTube for US$1.65 billion.
Overnight, the boys of YouTube became multi-millionaires and international media sensations.
So how did that change the young dreamers who had plastic chickens in the office and their own YouTube pages?
It didn't! _
They released their statement about the Google acquisition on YouTube showing two young men giddy with excitement.
Chen still adds personal videos to his YouTube page and Hurley's own Web site,, is simply a YouTube video.
Both are committed to YouTube because they created something they actually wanted to use, and still use.
Perhaps this reveals something about entrepreneurs, too -- it's not just a job, it's a labor of love.

不甘於空有網路這麼方便的資源卻沒有便捷的攻略法而反被凌越,Chad Hurley用GUI(圖形使用介面)使得上傳分享影音檔案僅在彈指之間。
喜歡ACG的人的確可以從上撈到不少寶,包括聲優視頻、MAD大賞、動畫OP、ED(正常版跟EG版),還有一堆同人創意剪輯……真箇是 You name it!
If you cease to see(c), creative becomes “reactive”.
沒有了see (音同c),創意就會被『習以為常』取代,自然難有新意!

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