In the first episode, Clair decided to bring Raki with her on her Yoma slaying journey until he finds a suitable place to live.
And this day, as usual, Clair fought to fulfill her mission—
This yoma boasts the ability of flying, but Clair took it without any difficulty.
People saw this couldn't hide the fear in their eyes, but Raki know that Clair was actually doing good to the human beings.
Walking along in the desert for a while, Raki could'nt bear his hunger anymore and his stomach made some noises; all of a sudden, Clair threw her knife, gushing besides Raki—targeting at a mysterious creatures behind him!
And she asked him: “would this serve you fine”?

The unidentified, ugly looking creature turned to be delicious…Raki ate to his content and invited Clair to dig in as well.
Clair said a claymore can live without food and water for a week; and they only take in little amount of food each time, so she was kind of envy of him, being able to gobble down food like that.
During their super, Raki tried to crack up the conversation with Clair, she replied sporadically; and when asked why she decided to become a claymore, Clair stood up, left Raki behind without saying a word.
Raki deemed that maybe Clair just doesn’t want to be bothered with so many questions.

Clair walked into the woods, and there she met a man in black cloak, who seemed like a coordinator between the secret organization and claymores.
He brought her new outfit and asked her to show him her naked body for him to check; he warmed Clair she shouldn't  be so recklessly ruin her body, because Claymores are mortal eventually.

Before he left, he threw her a card—a Black Note!

Clair took a look at the Black Note, and was astounded by the name written on it—Elena!!
Suddenly, all the past memory with Elena flashed back, this day has come....

Next morning, Clair and Raki left for another village, and after checked in an inn, she required Raki to stay there till she came back. 

Seeing her leave, Raki was worried about her intention, and out of no where, the man who Clair met yesterday evening showed up, and filled Raki in on some information about Claymore.

He said that Claymores are mixtures of human and yoma; and since Claymores’ body are made up of half human and half yoma blood and flesh, they can wield the yoma power to fight against yoma.
The harder they fight, the more easily their yoma potential arose; and when their yoma conscious overcomes humanity, they awaken to a true yoma!
Unwilling to believe what he just heart, Raki rushed out to find Clair, eager to find out whether she will transform into Yoma in the end.
He aimed the very question at Clair when he found her; Clair commented nothing on the yoma part, but admitted that there are some reach their limit, and when the time comes, a Black Note comes into action.

Black Note: When a claymore realizes her doomed day is about to come, she sends out the note to the other claymore, declaring her wish of being killed by the note receiver.
This is the final battle a claymore takes for the pride of wanting to die as a human being….

The one who sent the Black Note to Clair, Elena, was her best and the only friend.

Clair recalled when she first joined the organization and “baptized” by the required ceremony—instilling yoma blood and flesh into the bodies; the procedure was such a painful torture but they managed to tough it through by embracing each other.
At night, when Clair cried owning to the dreadful pain, Elena never failed to come to hug her, and they could fall asleep together.
And now it’s time for Clair to cease her life before she turning into yoma….
Listening to their story, and seeing Clair wielding her huge sword approaching Elena, Raki tried to chinch to stop her; he could never understand why she has to kill her best friend.

Elena became to transforming gradually, and she required Clair to do it, with tears all in her eyes—
Like a thunder storm, Clair gave Elena a quick stab and the next scene saw the bloody tapestry full of sight; with the sad yet beautiful smile on Elena’s face, whispering to Clair “thank you”….
Standing besides Clair in front of Elena’s tomb, Raki couldn’t help but cried his heart out, asking Clair: “Why would you want to be a claymore after suffering so many tortures and ordeals”?
Clair, who shed no tears for her best fried, replied to Raki: “That’s the reason why we exist”….
The inscription in the board of sins engraved by human beings bode the doomed destiny for Claymore, the half human, half yoma girls.
Claymore exist for the safe life of human beings, and they perish for the exactly same reason….

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