Stranger than Fiction
One morning, a seemingly average and generally solitary IRS agent named Harold Crick begins to hear a female voice narrating his every action, thought and feeling in alarmingly precise detail. Harold's carefully controlled life is turned upside down by this narration only he can hear, and when the voice declares that Harold Crick is facing imminent death, he realizes he must find out who is writing...

After seeing the trailer embeded in my Feb. Biz Magazine, I decided to download this movie, Stranger than fiction.
It's about a man who's name is Harold Chrik (sounds strange enough to me)who leads a monotonous, bland everyday life; he is always alone, bears no interests toward others, pays attention only to numbers. (He is an IRS agent)
What get to be staired by Harold most of the time is his wrist watch...(What a dull life!) 

One day, when he woke up and think of nothing but his brush strokes, suddenly out of nowhere, he heard a female voice narrating what he'd been doing!
He was totally freak out after hearing the voice said"Harold Crick is facing his own imminent death."
Since no one but he heard this strange voice, he tried to enlist help from his shrinks; he was told to get a good rest, and that he might suffer from some mental disorder.
Harold insisted his sane and being sober, so instead, he went to a
literary theorist named Jules Hilbert, who suggests that Harold might be able to change his fate by turning his story from a tragedy into a comedy.

And to do this, he would need one very important element, that is,love!
It dawned on Harold that he had been always alone, owning to part to his work (everyone hates IRS agent), part to his personality!
To save himself from the "imminent death", Harold made up his mind to be nice to a lady who had been very pissed off by Harold.
It seemed that the lady had her own philosphy of paying taxes, and that resulted in Harold went auditing her several times.

One day, on a bus ride Harold ran into this lady, Ana, she tried to ignored him, but Harold extended his sincerity and broke the ice between them by complimenting her beautiful teeth.
Their hostile relationship made a twist, and when Harold dropped by Ana's a few days after, she offered Harold her hand-made biscuits.
Harold hestitated but could not turned down her hospitality, he nibbled one bite of the cookie, and felt he himself dipped in a warm, sweet embiance, which he had never experienced before.
They were supposed to have a good time triggered by the biscuits, but Harold screwed it up when Ana haned him her cookie, he went so far to try to pay her to out off the hook of he involed in bribe.
It goes without saying, Ana was so mad at him.

Harold realized that it's not his imminet death will lock his fate, but his pessimistic and lacking in consideration for others incurs his doom.
The next day, he came to Ana again, with a box of flowers (probably be seeds or something~) and told Ana he wanted her.
Ana felt touched for his act, and invited him to her home.
They made out that night, Harold forfilled one mission in his "turning tragedy into comedy" ordeal.

Meanwhile, who is this voice kept haunting Harold?
She is an once famous novilist who's name is Karen Eiffel, and she was now struggling to come up with a master piece again to make a come back.
Since her own distinctive style of writing is make the protagonist die, there should be now exception in this latest work.
Little did she know that while she racked her mind to find a splendid way to kill "Harold Crick" in her novel, the man in his real life also struggled between living and dead.

And it turned out Harold finally did find Ms. Eiffel, and plead for his own verdict. ( ha ha, funny I should say that)
Eiffel gave her manual script to Harold and promised not to kill him, but Harold handed the draft to Mr. Hilber, and he recommended Harold should let Eiffel finish her MASTER PIECE!
To trade his own life for a master piece, Harold thought Mr. Hilber was out of his mind.
But on his way home, he read Ms. Eiffel's book and could not help but feel obliged to let her finish that touching work.
After all, people dies someday, sonner or later; if his death can accomplish a master piece, it's a worthy death!

We can  see Harold had changed totally, from a egocentric and lonely person to a caring and thoughtful one.
His life was pre-set at the begining, but then he tried to change, so he became the master of his life.
To be or not to be, that is the question.
And there are always more than one answer to that one question!

I do like this film, for that it handled a comedy plot yet will make you ponder over some parts of yourself.
As an office worker, I sometimes feel irritating and impatient to the clock work, but I should feel grateful at least I've got a trail to orbit my daily life, even though I may go astray from time to time, there is always a central point draws me back. You may call it "security" or "monotony" depending on what kind of attitude you'd like to take toward your own life!

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