I was beyond myself when I heard that our company may consider buying the license of Honey & Clover.  
Given that its new season is around the corner, and with its popurarity in Japan, the big-head in command thinks it will be worthy of giving it a shot.
And since Honey & Clover licensed by the company which was on my plate, I can finally be involved in an animation which I really like!
Yet, when our Dept. manager asks of Japan regarding HC.'s authority, it was such a shame that someone has beaten us in getting it!
For get it!  I konw it was all my wishful thinking....
Still, I am vrey happy that finally one agent in Taiwan gets the descerning eye to buy the license of Honey & Clover.
Well, maybe I will tolerate this kind of rip-off as long as it's not released by My-cartoon~~~~

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