I fond out that I forget to do one thing yesterday….
That is—listening toマリア様は見てるand translating it
Thought it seemed less funny this week, I deemed it a routine to do on Monday.
So, I still want to complete it. (Only that I want to type in English this time)

At the beginning, when Jun is reading the fixed-line of every week
He said something wrong and confessed to it…

The first letter comes from千葉県、恋する乙女さん~
This girl got right straight to the point and Jun kind of being surprised~
“Dear Father, Sister, good evening, please listen to me~” 
As quoted from the girl’s expression. 
“How direct was this expression! It was so different from others’!” said Jun.  
I can almost imagine the scene of him holding his heart, being startled.
About the content of the letter:
The girl says that she has a boyfriend who is so immersing in 
extracurricular activities and scarcely has time accompanying her;
therefore, she spends much of her time going out with other boys.
She emphasized that she doesn’t cheat on her boyfriend 
but still feels guilty hanging out with other male friends. 
So she looks for Jun the Priest’s direction~
Jun said that there is no need to confess since her boyfriend ignore her and immerses in his own things, 
but he pointed out that if the girl keeps going out 
with those male friends, they may fall for her 
even though she was not intend to attract them.
And the confessing point falls on this—
what she did might lead to misunderstanding of others’~
(He also joked that the listener should confess to 
her “unqualified reason” of confessing~)

The second letter comes from大阪、梓さん~
About the content of the letter:
The girl stated that when she was in her six grade,
her father scolded her out of no reason, 
so she planned to take revenge on her father.
Knowing her father’s Achilles’ heels 
were lizard(とかげ) and house-lizard(やもり);
she put a number of them in the front entrancing door, waiting for her father to come home.
And it turned out as expected; her father was scared to death, 
and called for help from her mother over inter-phone….
Though she fulfilled her intension, she felt guilty about causing her father such “trauma” 
(he seemed to be haunted by such happening from then on!)
So she looked for Jun the Priest’s direction~

To my surprise, Jun focused on the genre of lizard and house-lizard, 
saying that the former is amphibian(雙棲動物) and 
the later is reptile(爬蟲類)
ha ha ha~
Then he found out that he was totally out focus and go back to the point—
he said that he could understand why she want to retaliate on her father, 
since she was reprimanded by her father for on reason or what, and just like the saying which goes:” An eye for an eye, a teeth for a teeth”, she may got her reason to revenge on her father.
But he also pointed out that since he didn’t know the whole story of 
what going on between she and her father, he can’t be the judge. (Though what he said somehow implicated he was on her father’s side)
And Jun the Priest’s conclusion was that 
he pities on what her father encountered 
for that might become trauma in his memory….
And he said that the girl should really confess to what she had done to her father! 
On account that “every dog has its day”;she may be treated by her children with the same deed one day….
(Sounds to me more like a warning rather then an advice….)
So Father and Sister confess together—


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